Large Firm Sophistication – Small Firm Values

Andre Springer

What Makes Us Different

1. We Investigate Cases Thoroughly

In our experience, the quality of the work exerted before a case is filed is just as important as the work conducted after the case has been filed.  At Andrews & Springer, our Firm analyzes, among other things, financial statements, publicly disclosed documents with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, news articles, and analyst reports to identify all issues at the early stage of a case.  Spotting issues early in a case also allows our Firm to tell a more detailed narrative describing the motives behind the fraud or misconduct.  The importance of filing a thoroughly investigated pleading cannot be over-emphasized.  Both in federal securities class actions and in merger and acquisition class actions, filing a high-quality, detail-oriented complaint is critical to obtaining expedited discovery, injunctive relief, and surviving a motion to dismiss.  Cases filed prematurely, and without proper investigation, are highly susceptible to being dismissed, which provides no benefit to our investor clients.  

2. We Tell A Story

The attorneys at Andrews & Springer refuse to take a “one size fits all” approach to cases brought by our Firm. Instead, we believe and recognize that every case we prosecute is different, every fraud or misconduct has a different story behind it. The complaint (commonly referred to as the “initial pleading”) is the first chance for us to present this story to the court and to describe the basis for the lawsuit.  Most importantly, this is the first document that a judge, chancellor, vice chancellor, or law clerk will see and constantly refer back to as a case proceeds.  As a result, the initial pleading must be written persuasively and must clearly identify the fraud or misconduct.  As officers of the court, Andrews & Springer not only take pride in drafting captivating narratives in our pleadings and briefs, but also submit well-written and reliable work product.

In securities class actions, motions to dismiss are inevitable; therefore, any complaint filed by our Firm must be strong enough to survive potential dismissal.  At Andrews & Springer, our thorough initial investigation process, which includes, among other things, a review of the substantive law, typically reveals the potential weaknesses and justifications for a motion to dismiss.  Taking this approach allows us to identify these weaknesses in drafting the complaint and telling our story, which decreases the chances of dismissal.

In our opinion, based on our experience with high-stakes securities class actions, the complaint has at least five (5) key justifications:

  1. To initiate the lawsuit

  2. To tell a compelling, detail-oriented story

  3. To adequately allege and describe the facts and legal theory of the case to diminish or restrict the possibility of the case being dismissed

  4. To magnify the quality of defendant’s answer to the complaint and the capability of obtaining practical formal and informal discovery

  5. To form the basis for the resolution of the case through a potential settlement or trial

3. We Put The Client First

Through our experience, we have recognized that each client has different needs and goals.  At Andrews & Springer, we will not ignore our investor client’s needs and goals.  We value our investor clients feedback and will never proceed with an action without first consulting our investor client(s).  Additionally, our firm values client communication and our attorneys will always listen and communicate attentively to the needs and desires of our clients and prosecute the case with our clients’ goals in mind.

Also, in communicating with our clients, our Firm desires to establish long-term relationships beyond the initial representation in just one case.  At Andrews & Springer our attorneys understand that our first representation is critical to achieving our client’s expectations and creating long-term relationships.  The success of our Firm is not only dependent upon achieving excellent results and providing stellar service to our clients, but also providing these services on a regular, long-term basis.  

4. We Prosecute Cases With Disciplined Efficiency And Speed

At Andrews and Springer, our attorneys pride themselves on prosecuting cases with disciplined efficiency and speed.  Notably, in most shareholder class actions, defendants are composed of large powerful corporations and board of directors who are represented by talented defense counsel armed with an abundant supply of resources at their disposal.  In light of this adversity, our Firm realizes that the strongest piece of leverage we hold is time.  Without sacrificing the quality of our work-product, the attorneys at Andrews & Springer will prosecute these actions with the appropriate speed and vigor to obtain positive outcomes for our clients.  In our experience, we have found that the best results for plaintiffs are obtained by swift advocacy that neutralizes defendants’ abundant resources.  By contrast, attorneys who delay prosecution often place their clients at a competitive disadvantage by losing critical witnesses and evidence.  To avoid these obstacles, our attorneys are trained to keep the pressure on defendants by quickly and efficiently prosecuting cases.  

5. We Prepare For Trial

From the moment a case is filed until settlement, the attorneys at Andrews & Springer treat and prepare every case as if it is being brought to trial.  By adopting this approach, we intensely evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each case so we are able to negotiate the best possible resolution (if a resolution is met) for our clients and the class of shareholders.  Preparing for trial also allows our attorneys to fully uncover all facts and information that a judge or jury will need to consider in the event a resolution cannot be met.

6. We Out Prepare Our Adversary

Corporations, when faced with a securities class action lawsuit alleging fraud or misconduct, spare no expense in retaining top legal counsel to represent the company, the board of directors, and management.  The law firms representing these defendants are often the most prestigious law firms in the world and staff as many as seven (7), eight (8) or even nine (9) attorneys for a single case.  To overcome this adversity, our Firm believes, that many (but not all) cases are usually won or lost based on preparation.  Our Firm, together with our team of investigators and modern cutting-edge technology, is able to overcome any perceived obstacle by employing a thorough, detail-oriented approach and preparation of each case.  We have found that because we engage in such a comprehensive and methodical approach to each case, we are able to overcome many of the “delay tactics” and strategies that are often employed by corporations and their high-powered defense counsel.  

7. We Promote “Outside The Box” Thinking

In the ever-changing world of securities litigation, our Firm recognizes the need for critical thinking.  At Andrews & Springer, we recognize the traditional way of thinking, often implored by our competitors, does not lead to beneficial results for shareholder classes.  As such, our Firm is only interested in hiring and retaining stellar professionals who embrace critical thinking.  

We have found that the secret to “outside the box” thinking is to embrace a culture that requires an open and free exchange of ideas with every employee.  These ideas come from a variety of sources such as, reading, attending conference and seminars, and networking.  We have found that surrounding our Firm with opinions, besides our own, is the secret to generating new ideas and legal theories.  When a new idea surfaces, no mater how great the temptation, we will not ignore it.  Rather, we will embrace these ideas, no matter how simple or complex they may be.  In our experience, we have found that the simplest idea sometimes yields the greatest results for our clients.